Choice of Action is an interactive film series where you choose what happens next. Think of those classic choose-your-own-adventure books, or video games like Tell Tale's The Walking Dead or Bioware's Mass Effect.


Here's how it works;

You watch the movie, the character gets stuck with indecision, and then you decide what they should do by clicking on the screen. With a large narrative web of choices at your disposal, and by using Youtube's interactive annotations, you get to explore an organic story where dialogue is unscripted and pretty much anything is possible, but you have to see it all to find out! And trust us, you will find yourself wanting to flip around and watch all the possible outcomes. And the best part is, the order that you watch them in is entirely up to you.


CofA largely uses a POV perspective made popular from films like The Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity, and Chronicle. But unlike those films, here we see the story through the eyes of a character, instead of their camera, making the insanity a truly immersive experience. Its like Hardcore Henry but a little more human and a little less sexist.


Choice of Action is a joint effort created by Paper Mirror Films and Dragon Viper Cobra Improv. The CofA producer team is as follows:


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Sage G.C.

Series Creator . Director . Actor . Editor . composer


Greg Reasoner

Co-Director . actor . Choreographer


Matt Johnston

Cinematographer . production Manager


Jessica Dahlgren

Actor . Production Designer

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